Agaricus bisporus

Better known as mushroom, its application in veterinary medicine.

The Agaricus bisporus, better known as mushroom, is one of the most important and popular edible mushrooms in the world. For good reason, after all, it is extremely tasty and aromatic. Also its nutritional-physiological plus points are remarkable, because it contains a variety of valuable vital substances. Added to this is its wealth of medically effective ingredients.

Particularly noteworthy are its lectins, also known under the abbreviation ABL for Agaricus bisporus Lektine. Mushrooms owe their anti-cancer and antiviral effects to lectins. In particular, they inhibit the enzyme “reverse transcripase”. This enzyme is responsible for the proliferation of retroviruses, including the feline leukaemia virus. In addition, the lectins of Agaricus bisporus have a blood sugar-lowering effect and have an anti-tumour effect on colon cancer and skin cancer cells.

Another very interesting ingredient of Agaricus bisporus is its conjugated linoleic acids (CLA), which can have an inhibitory effect on the aromatase enzyme. Therefore the mushroom is an important medicinal mushroom especially in the therapy of hormone-dependent tumours. It is also very suitable for the treatment of prostate enlargement.

In addition to its antiviral and tumor-inhibiting powers, the Agaricus bisporus has a very good antibacterial effect against various bacteria. Among them are E. Coli, Streptococcus or Helicobacter pylori. It also promotes the important colonisation of the intestinal mucosa with probiotic bacteria. This is particularly useful after antibiotic therapy or a worming cure.

In addition, Agaricus bisporus has a protective effect on the kidneys and can stabilize creatinine levels.

Fields of application

  • Antibacterial and antiviral
  • Intestinal rehabilitation after antibiotic therapy and worm cures
  • mammalian tumours
  • Retinal detachment (suppresses growths of the retinal epithelium)
  • Kidney diseases; renal insufficiency
  • Prostatic hypertrophy; prostate cancer

Note: The effects described are based on the ingestion of medicinal mushroom powder made from the whole mushroom. Please consult your animal therapist before use.

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