Which mushroom powder is right for your animal?

Why you should look carefully when choosing your supplier.

When selecting your medicinal mushrooms for your animal, one of the most important quality features is “mushroom powder from the whole mushroom”, which means that both the fruiting body and the mycelium, mostly found in the substrate, have been used in the production. For the medicinal mushroom Reishi, the particularly valuable spores should also be contained. With the label “mushroom powder from the whole mushroom” you can be really be sure that your capsules contain all the important effective substances.

Extracts: no thankyou

Please avoid mushroom powder extracts, which are primarily extracts of individual substances. Our experience refutes the argument that mushroom powder extracts are better or more effective or that a smaller amount is sufficient for the same effect. In mushroom powder extracts, the natural and intelligent combination of substances in the medicinal mushrooms is unfortunately lost in favour of individual substances. In addition, the extracts are usually heated strongly during the manufacturing process. Heating destroys many important substances such as vitamins and enzymes.

Pay attention to trustworthy sources

We therefore exclusively recommend “mushroom powder from the whole mushroom”, as only this preserves all the substances in their natural composition. Furthermore, trustworthy suppliers ensure careful processing. This includes drying under 35°C and careful grinding. You can always identify a trustworthy supplier by the fact that they cultivate and encapsulate the medicinal mushrooms themselves in Germany in BIO organic quality.

Risk of Chinese products

Unfortunately, however, many German and European suppliers sell mushroom powder made in China. As a rule, with low quality control standards. Mushrooms absorb harmful substances from the environment – but in China they are often cultivated and dried outdoors.

This is conducive to contamination with environmental toxins and germs, even if the cultivation centres are away from conglomerations. Instead of detoxifying, Chinese mushroom powders can therefore bring additional harmful substances into the body. The latest medicinal scandals also prove that despite supposed stricter controls, serious incidents happen repeatedly. Foodstuffs from China have drawn especially negative attention during controls. They often contain heavy metals, pesticides, noroviruses, hormones, antibiotics and toxic chemicals. Large quantities of pesticides are used in China’s agriculture, more than anywhere else. Many of the pesticides used there are also forbidden in Germany and the EU. A large proportion of Chinese soil, waterways and groundwater is therefore contaminated. Mushrooms cultivated in China can therefore have serious consequences for your health. In addition, unfortunately, mostly only extracts and individual parts of the mushroom are used, often only the mycelium on a crop basis.

Trustworthy cultivation in Germany

Perhaps you can still recall the reports about the fact that many Chinese people have baby food sent from Germany. In the meantime, it has been shown that the same applies to medicinal mushrooms. Although the cradle of medicinal mushrooms is in Asia, many Chinese people prefer safe products cultivated in Germany with the quality seal “Made in Germany”. This shows how little confidence there is in China in their own local

In the interests of your health, please therefore always choose a supplier who not only imports medicinal mushrooms but cultivates themselves in Germany, ideally in BIO organic quality.

Safe packaging

Furthermore, we advise not to take mushroom powder in tablet form, as filling and adhesive agents are used for manufacturing. For various reasons, we recommend only using medicinal mushrooms in the form of capsules: loosely packed mushroom power absorbs moisture quickly, which significantly compromises the quality of the powder, as it very quickly becomes mouldy – and often not visibly. In addition, many of the valuable constituent substances are made unusable through the contact with oxygen or can even become harmful. Especially the healthy fatty acids and the vitamins are very sensitive to oxygen. Capsules protect the mushroom powder against changes.

When purchasing mushroom powder, always pay attention to these three quality features:

  • Medicinal mushrooms cultivated in Germany
  • BIO organic mushroom powder in capsules
  • „Mushroom powder from the whole mushroom“