The MykoTroph concept for nutrition and the use of medicinal mushrooms in cancer

The diagnosis of cancer challenges not only affected patients, but also their families, doctors and health practitioners like no other disease. And probably no other disease is usurped with so many, sometimes also irrational, fears and ideas.

Of all persons, I myself can very well participate in the discussion, since I was diagnosed with leukaemia in 1997, but was completely healed after six months, whereby, parallel to conventional medicinal therapy, the medicinal mushrooms helped me considerably.

At first, the diagnosis of a tumour disease is always an absolute disaster for those affected. Added to this is the extreme time pressure under which the doctors usually set the patients. They should in the shortest time possible settle for an operation, usually followed by chemotherapy and/or radiation. The machinery is set in motion and the patient feels as if he is trapped in a continual nightmare. The rollercoaster of emotions is enriched with well-meaning advice, positive and negative experiences from one´s circle of friends, but also with exaggerated or absent care.

If patients seek care or help from a naturopath or physician, often a further uncertainty is the result. Either the naturopath turns up his nose to conventional medicinal therapies or the oncologist categorically, and often uninformedly, advises against natural healing methods. Clarification is thus absolutely necessary! Medicinal mushrooms for example have the advantage that, on the one hand, they can reduce or even completely eliminate the side effects of conventional medicine, and on the other hand, they can also make a valuable and crucial contribution to holistic naturopathic treatment.

Alarming figures: more and more people get cancer

In 2004, around 436,500 new cancer cases were registered in Germany alone; about 12,250 more cases than in 2002. In February 2010, the Robert Koch Institute submitted the latest calculations. According to these, the number of people affected in the last 20 years has increased by 30 percent (men + 45%; women + 14%). Only for 2010 the Robert Koch Institute estimated around 450,000 new cases of cancer in Germany. Experts are certain: in ten years at the latest cancer will replace the cardiovascular diseases as no. 1 cause of death in Germany.

The most common tumour types

According to current statistics, prostate cancer lies at the forefront with men. Around a quarter of all male cancer patients suffer from it. For women, breast cancer makes out slightly more than 25 percent of all cancer cases. For both sexes colon cancer lies in second place and lung cancer in third place. The leading cause of death for men is still bronchial carcinoma predominantly caused by smoking. In women this cancer is much less common, but as a cause of death it still lies in third position after breast cancer and colon cancer. The reason for this is that the number of female smokers in the last decades has continued to increase. Also, in recent years, more female patients have been afflicted with cancer of the thyroid.

The long-term comparison shows little progress in classical oncology

While oncologists in the media grandiosely report on continuously better treatment options for cancer, the statistical perusal of the facts unfortunately is much more sobering. As Munich professor Dieter Hölzel from the Grosshadern clinic noted, in the last 26 years, for example, no decisive change in the survival rate for metastatic breast cancer has occurred. For colon cancer and lung tumours a similar situation applies. Even in the other solid carcinomas, which account for the vast majority of cancer diagnoses, little progress has been recorded according to statistics.

In contrast, there is a huge increase in therapy costs of ready-made oncological preparations. Thus, according to the Mercantile Health Insurance, in the last five years the costs for this drug group has increased by about 240 percent. In 2004, an Australian group of experts analysed all the published US and Australian oncology studies between the years 1990 and 2004 and concluded that the proportion of 5-year survival rate in cancers was still only a little more than two percent. Keeping these facts in mind, the pressure and expectation that patients should immediately undergo a chemotherapeutic treatment, with its strong side effects and possible damage, is more than questionable.

The decisive fallacy in cancer medicine is probably the so-called “mutation hypothesis “, according to which the cancer cells emerge from normal cells through multiple gene mutations. Therapies such as chemotherapy or the radiation are based on this assumption.

In recent years, in contrast, in conventional medicine the hypothesis is being discussed that tumour cells develop from so-called tumour stem cells. These form precursor cells from which then ultimately the actual tumour cells arise. While the actual tumour cells divide very quickly and thus are vulnerable to chemo and radiotherapy, the division rate of tumour stem cells is extremely slow. This is also the reason why tumour stem cells cannot be eliminated through the usual conventional medicinal treatment and therefore are also the starting point for tumour recurrence.

The stem cell hypothesis could explain the relatively low success of oncological therapy despite the diverse treatment approaches.

We, at the MykoTroph Institute, have therefore decided to research for other, more promising approaches.

Based on this research, we have developed our very  effective holistic cancer concept with medicinal mushrooms, which the current accumulated experience demonstrates.

In this concept medicinal mushrooms are an important element, but not the only one. Only the interaction of all elements of our approach – and that includes i. a. the correct nutrition with cancer – reflects a true picture and thus a successful therapy.

Scientific studies demonstrate the effectiveness of medicinal mushrooms for cancer

The efficacy of the medicinal mushrooms in cancer has now been proven by a variety of international scientific studies. There are also the experiences from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), in which medicinal mushrooms have been used successfully for thousands of years. Moreover, our approach is based first and foremost on experiential medicine and in particular on our own studies and experiences over the last ten years.

If one wants to develop a holistic cancer treatment concept, then one must first understand what cancer actually is.

In contrast to the mutation thesis postulated by conventional medicine, there are the pioneering research results of, amongst others, Dr. Heinrich Kremer and also of Dr. Waltraud Fryda. Accordingly cancer is – summarized very briefly – a protection reaction of the cells with which they try to stave off even greater harm. Thus cancer has nothing to do with degeneration or mutation of cells, as conventional medicine continues to try to explain to us.

Energy generation of the cells according to Prof. Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg

According to Prof. Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg (Nobel Prize for Medicine, 1931) our cells have two ways of generating energy:

    1. The high-performance power generation via the mitochondria with the disadvantage of the free radical formation.
    2. The anaerobic glycolysis with the disadvantage of a comparatively 18 times lower energy yield and the formation of lactate, a laevorotatory lactic acid. Anaerobic glycolysis occurs every time cells divide. While the cells divide – a process in which the gene pool is open – no free radicals may be present. This could otherwise jeopardize the genetic material, and this is what the cells protect.

But what is the reason that the cells switch to the protection circuit, i.e. the anaerobic glycolysis? There are two explanatory attempts:

According to Dr. Heinrich Kremer the cause is an injury to the mitochondria, i.e. our energy producers. This damage can be explained, for example, through an excessive pollution – also from foodstuffs – through drugs, vaccinations or possibly through too frequent antibiotic treatments. Similarly, the mitochondria could be damaged if too few antioxidants, i.e. reduced glutathione, have formed, or too few antioxidants have been supplied to bind the free radicals. All of these factors lead to damage of the mitochondria, or cells. In sequence, the cells switch to anaerobic glycolysis to avoid further damage. But for the cells anaerobe glycolysis always means cell division and that’s what we then call cancer. To prevent further harm to the cells and the whole organism, fewer free radicals must be generated. That means that the cells must not generate their energy through oxidation and therefore then switch to anaerobic glycolysis, because through anaerobic glycolysis no free radicals are formed. Anaerobic glycolysis means, though, that the cells are in cell division. But, for us, cell growth means cancer.

Dr. Waltraud Fryda found in comprehensive studies that in cancer patients the adrenaline value is almost always greatly reduced and sometimes even equal to zero. The hormone adrenaline doesn´t only help us cope with stress, but also governs the sugar uptake in the cells as an antagonist to insulin and together with it. If the balance of these two antagonists is impaired, i.e. there is hardly any adrenaline present, then, through the influence of the insulin, more sugar is absorbed in the cells than the mitochondria can oxidize.

If the cells would oxidize the surplus sugar, then much too much energy would be produced. The result would be overheating with damage to the cells. The enormous amount of oxidants or free radicals could no longer be bound and would thus damage the cells or the mitochondria. As a result of an adrenaline deficiency with simultaneous presence of norepinephrine, which contracts the vessels, there would be a reduced oxygen supply to the tissue. Lack of oxygen and excessive glucose supply to the cells,however, can cause the cells to switch to a reduced metabolism, namely anaerobic glycolysis. Through anaerobic glycolysis, it is possible for the cells to consume 18 times more sugar and thus break down the increased sugar in the cells again. If the cells remain in anaerobic glycolysis, this means ongoing cell division, which we then call cancer.

Adrenaline is produced in the adrenal medulla. If the adrenal medulla has been overwhelmed and weakened through years of constant stress, not enough adrenaline can beproduced or provided. If the adrenaline level decreases, mainly due to long-time mental and spiritual overload, then more sugar is transported into the cells than can be oxidized. This results in a serious disruption of cell and body metabolism.

Mental stress also plays a role not to be underestimated in the development of cancer

There is positive and negative stress. Positive stress is healthy. Stress, however, that burdens my heart and soul is dangerous because it usually must be endured for years and is emaciating. Research agrees that negative stress and emotional stress plays a not to be underestimated role in almost every cancer. Thus, one can well understand Dr. Waltraud Fryda´s approach. That also means that when treating cancer, body, mind and soul always require equivalent attention and have to brought back to harmony.

Harmony of body, soul and mind – What does that really mean and what can you do to achieve it?

If, for almost every cancer, a mental conflict situation is partially causal, then we also understand how important it is for recovery to recognize and deal with this conflict situation. Only in this way can we recover the balance of body, soul and mind. Here we must be aware that we, as a patient, are required to work on ourselves; with and without the therapist.

To this effect we want to give you four pieces of important advice:

    1. Accept yourself as you are. You do not have to be as other people would like you to be. Love yourself! Unshackle yourself from the role of the victim and learn to say “No”.
    2. Learn to forgive others, regardless of what they have done to you. And if you can pray, then pray for these people. You will see that it will benefit you.
    3. Before falling asleep, reminisce over the beautiful things of the day. And before you get up in the morning, remember the beautiful moments you were able to experience in your life.
    4. Please write down at least five reasons or wishes why you want to survive the cancer. And very important: Follow up these reasons and do something to fulfil your wishes.

There are good reasons to assume that the healing of mind and spirit contribute about 50 percent to a cancer recovery. The other 50 percent are contributed by the healing of the body, which we can support with medicinal mushrooms, other naturopathic and/or conventional medical treatment.

What role does nutrition play in cancer, and how should the affected persons eat?

If we now know that cancer cells are always in anaerobic glycolysis and this anaerobic glycolysis is a fermentation of carbohydrates, then it quickly becomes clear that cancer cells can only use easily digestible carbohydrates for their nutrition. Healthy cells, however, obtain their energy through oxidation of protein, fatty acids and oils as well. Therefore, with cancer it is of immense importance to nourish oneself as carbohydrate-free as possible or with food with a low glycaemic index. Because: A carbohydrate-free diet nourishes the healthy cells but not cancer cells.

Even before breakfast you can do something:

By anaerobic glycolysis, i.e. fermentation, lactate is produced as a metabolic end product. This lactate – a laevorotatory (left-turning) lactic acid – sets as a layer over the cancer cells, protecting them from the attacks from our immune system. Fortunately, you can dissolve this lactate again with a physiologically desirable dextrorotatory (right-turning) lactic acid. For this reason, before breakfast, you should, for example, drink 100 to 200 ml of sauerkraut juice or bread drink- mixed with water if you wish. One can also use Rechtsregulat.

Only when the lactate layer has dissolved, the glyconutrients, high molecular sugars, polysaccharides and triterpenes also contained in the medicinal mushrooms can resume their information transmission from cell to cell and thus set stop signals for the continuous cell division. Once the lactate layer is dissolved, our immune system can regain access to the cancer and do its job there. Through the ingestion of the medicinal mushrooms the body is also provided with sufficient antioxidants again. Likewise, the medicinal mushrooms exert a positive influence on the adrenaline levels.

Which medicinal mushrooms have proven effective with cancer?

Depending on which organs the cancer has beset, different mushrooms are recommended. In general, all medicinal mushrooms are rich in glyconutrients, high molecular sugars and triterpenes, which all have a regulating effect on the immune system and an antitumour impact.

The Polyporus medicinal mushroom has its organ reference to the lymphatic system, our first and most important disposal station for cell waste and cell poisons. Even with chemotherapy, strong cell toxins enter our body, and these poisons must first be evacuated via the lymphatic system. The same goes for the dead cell fragments resulting from a radiation or chemotherapy. At this point it is readily apparent how important it is – and this is true regardless of which therapeutic approach one follows – to support the lymphatic system.

Of course, and especially when lymph nodes had to be removed and the lymphatic system has thereby already been impaired. This also shows once again the exceptionally important role the Polyporus medicinal mushroom plays in a holistic therapy concept for cancer. The metastasis formation via the lymphatic system can thus also be counteracted.

Because of its organ correlation to the liver, the Reishi is the second mushroom of enormous importance. The liver detoxifies, and during cancer treatment it is subject to very high demands. Of course, this is especially true when a chemotherapy or radiotherapy has been implemented. Similarly of course also for any other treatment that leads to the death of cancer cells. After all, these so-called cell fragments – also called “corpse poison” – must definitely be removed from our body. For this reason one cannot begin soon enough with liver regeneration, no matter what form of therapy you want to apply. Moreover Reishi acts analgesic, anti-inflammatory and strengthens the immune system.

The Cordyceps medicinal mushroom is so important due to its organ correlation to the kidneys. On one hand, the kidneys are also detoxification organs, but in particular they also have a correlation to the adrenal glands and the adrenal medulla, where the adrenaline is produced. Only with a sufficient adrenaline production do the cells switch back from their protective circuit, anaerobic glycolysis. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine the kidneys are also the seat of our mental and physical strength. Therefore, it is essential that this organ is supported during cancer therapy.

Hericium in turn has its major organ correlation to the stomach and intestinal tract. It is not only an important assistant for stomach or colorectal cancer, but more generally in all cancers, because it also regenerates the mucous membranes in the gastrointestinal tract. These mucous membranes are the protection and selection layer between our body inside and the countless foreign particles or toxins that romp around in the intestine. The intestinal mucosa with its 300 square meters is the largest contact area to our interior. An intact mucosa is important so that the body is not so easily overburdened with foreign particles or toxins. Since the mucous membranes divide very rapidly, they are particularly attacked by chemotherapy and must thus be regenerated and protected. Hericium can do that to very good effect. Moreover, it contains erinacin, an active substance that stimulates nerve growth factor and rebuilds the myelin sheath of the nerve.

That is also extremely important with chemotherapy, because the poison attack on the nerves from the chemotherapy can cause intolerable pain. Again, the Hericium has proved very successful in this case.

The Auricularia healing mushroom prevents thrombosis formation. Cancer cells which divide in the blood (metastasis formation) try to enlarge through the formation of thrombosis to make it easier to attach to vein and artery walls. Only then can they reach the interior of the body. Through the application of the Auricularia fungus the thrombosis formation is counteracted, thereby making a significant contribution to preventing the formation of metastases.

Recommended dosage

Take one capsule of the required medicinal mushroom before each meal with about 100 ml of fluid per capsule. However, no more than three capsules with each meal should be taken. If one needs several fungi, it is advisable to take appropriate mushroom mixtures. Medicinal mushrooms not only support the organs, but they also dissolve the poisons in our system and help it to detoxify.

So, if our main detoxification organs, the liver and kidneys, are too weak to transport the toxins quickly enough from the body, they then need additional help besides the mushrooms.

For example, the kidneys can be very well supported by kidney tea. It is best to drink it during the kidney activity time between 17pm and 19pm, namely a total of one litre of thin, but hot kidney tea!

The toxins broken down in the liver are discharged from the body via bile. Therefore, it is very important to provide for an adequate bile flow. In addition to taking the medicinal mushrooms, this can be achieved very well, for example, with a gall tea. Turmeric is also proven in this respect. Take a pinch before meals – at best with some pepper. Very important: Always insalivate well and swallow only then. Turmeric, incidentally, also has a good influence on cellular respiration via the mitochondria. One of the most effective aids for bile flow is an enema with a ¾ litre of (ground, not instant) coffee. It should always be administered without pressure and held for about twelve to 15 minutes. It is usually sufficient to administer the coffee enema once a week.

Highly recommended for breakfast: Oil-protein cereal according to Dr. Johanna Budwig

The oil-protein cereal according to Dr. Budwig is not only very tasty, but also very nutritious. It supplies our healthy cells with oxygen and valuable nutrients, but not the cancer cells. As we now know, cancer cells can only utilize carbohydrates, not oils or protein. This is also the reason why, with cancer, only foods with a low glycaemic index should be consumed. Therefore, please completely renounce sugar, alcohol and quickly digestible carbohydrates, because they nourish the cancer cells.

The oil-protein muesli according to Dr. Johanna Budwig is easy and quick to prepare and also ideal as dessert after lunch.

Here is the basic recipe:


  • 2 tablespoons ground linseed
  • 50 g skimmed curd cheese (low-fat quark)
  • 1.5 tablespoons cold-pressed linseed oil
  • served with fresh fruit and nuts


First, pour the linseed oil in the quark and mix very well. It is particularly important that no traces of oil are to be seen on the edges. Then slice fruit into the mixture (all fruits are possible, including berries. Amount according to individual hunger) and add some nuts and/or almonds. Finally sprinkle the ground linseed on top. Nuts and fruits allow the cereal to be well chewed and salivated, which is important so that the nutrients are well macerated.

One should satisfy one´s hunger at every meal, so one can get by with three meals a day. Fruit, vegetables or freshly squeezed juices are of course allowed in between. But if you buy juice, then please make absolutely sure that it contains no sugar.

For lunch: colourful salads, vegetables, mushrooms, meat, poultry or fish

Salads and/or vegetables dressed with good oils (for example, cold-pressed rapeseed oil) are an ideal midday meal. Principally, all five colours of salads or vegetables should be eaten spread over the day. Additionally recommended are meat, poultry or fish, but also cheese and, of course, mushrooms. An ideal supplement is, for example, a good meat or chicken soup with vegetables added.

During preparation please place the vegetables late in the soup, so they are not cooked too softly. But please definitely do not add pasta, rice or potatoes as a side dish because these are all quickly utilizable carbohydrates. Please portion the quantities so that you can still eat the oil-protein muesli according to Dr. Budwig for dessert. And as with breakfast: Please chew thoroughly and long!

Dinner: vegetables, mushrooms, fish

For dinner, please only eat vegetables, mushrooms and/or fish. Here again: The vegetables should not be overcooked so that you can chew them well. Thorough and long chewing is essentially important anyways, but especially for cancer! Make sure that all five colours are always represented when selecting vegetables  throughout the day. In the evening a meat or chicken soup with vegetables is also ideal. But please, under no circumstances may bread, rolls, pasta, rice or potatoes be served as a side dish, because these are all quickly utilizable carbohydrates!

Additional nutrition tips

Mushrooms and vegetables contain many antioxidants, so that the cells can generate their energy more easily again via the oxidation process – i.e. via the mitochondria. Turmeric is also a highly recommended aid. Take a pinch before meals – at best with some pepper. Don´t forget, always insalivate well and swallow only then!

Even if one is suffering from cancer, one can nourish oneself with tasty food. However, one must radically separate from some foods that are familiar on our daily bill of fare. This includes all quickly utilizable food such as bread, sugar, potatoes, noodles or rice.

High-dose intravenous vitamin C infusion:A safe, effective and natural process in cancer therapy.

For more than 30 years the research on animals and humans has shown that antioxidants can both reduce the side effects of aggressive tumour therapies such as chemotherapy or radiation and enhance the “killing effect” of therapeutic measures. Although still little known, today science no longer doubts that high-dose vitamin C has the ability to effectively kill cancer cells. Cancer is very sensitive to concentrated vitamin C doses. The reason for this is that cancer cells have porous membranes that allow the ascorbic acid to penetrate them in higher concentration. In contrast to healthy cells, cancer cells do not have sufficient access to catalase and superoxide dismutase, which makes them sensitive to the killing effect of the resulting hydrogen peroxide. This hydrogen peroxide leads to selective killing of cancer cells.

Vitamin C accumulates in tumour tissue in much higher concentration than in healthy tissue. Since our normal cells still possess an intact membrane, they very strictly control the amount of antioxidants transported into the cells. This also explains why high-dose antioxidants do not harm healthy cells, but rather protect the healthy tissue against the aggressive attacks of chemotherapy.

But one must be aware that only a high-dose intravenous vitamin C infusion is capable of having a killing effect on the cancer cells. The vitamin C must therefore be injected directly into the bloodstream, since an oral administration cannot be dosed high enough.

We emphatically recommend a high-dose vitamin C infusion for cancer patients. Both as a one-time measure – with the advantage of low side effects – and as an accompaniment to conventional medicinal measures such as chemotherapy or radiation. In addition to the killing effect of a high-dose vitamin C infusion on tumour cells, it has also been demonstrated in studies that it additionally alleviates pain and can improve the quality of life of the test persons.

From our experience, one should administer the high-dose vitamin C infusion once a week. However, for the first time 4 weeks after the dietary change. In contrast to the healthy cells which are adequately nourished during this diet, the cancer cells then have a “real hunger”. If one then administers a high-dose vitamin C infusion – we are talking about approximately 15 g -, then the cancer cells absorb this vitamin C even better and the killing effect is even more efficient. With a concomitant intake of 300 mg of magnesium and 10 mg of vitamin B6, formation of oxalate stone can be prevented.

It has also proved to be effective to completely forego quickly utilizable carbohydrates over four weeks before a chemotherapy. According to experience, the tumour cells – but not the healthy cells – then react even more sensitively to the chemo poisons, so that the chemotherapy is more effective.

For this reason, it would also be very good if conventional medicine allowed more time before initiating chemotherapy.

Whether one chooses a high-dose vitamin C-infusion and/or chemotherapy, please, under all circumstances, strictly refrain four weeks long beforehand from quickly utilizable carbohydrates, as for both therapies the impact will then be better.

Further support:

During therapy, it is very important to pay attention to an ample supply of antioxidants. Mushrooms and above all vegetables contain many antioxidants. Beyond that, it is highly recommended to additionally take OPC in combination with natural vitamin C.

If the cancer cells die, then these cell fragments – so-called “corpse poison” – must be transported out of our bodies as quickly as possible. Here particularly the lymphatic system as the first transport system and thereafter the liver and the kidneys as detoxification organs are in demand. As described above, Polyporus, Reishi and Cordyceps medicinal mushrooms are of particular importance in this context. Beyond that, however, other supporting measures are called for. The toxins broken down in the liver are discharged from the body via the flow of bile from the gall. Therefore again our imperative recommendation: support the bile flow, for instance with three cups of gall tea daily and/or a good pinch of insalivated turmeric with pepper before every meal. The most intensive effect comes from the aforementioned enema with ¾ litre (ground, not instant) coffee. It should be performed once a week without pressure and held for twelve to 15 minutes.

What reactions can still occur when the cancer cells die?

At this time many sufferers become sour and intolerable. While it may sound paradoxical, this is a very positive reaction that demonstrates to us that the healing process is in motion. If the detoxification organs are overloaded due to insufficient detoxification or through increased amounts of dead cell fragments, skin reactions can also occur.

In this case, olive oil has proved very favourable. Rub the whole body with olive oil, let it absorb for ten minutes and then take a shower. Detox baths are also highly recommended.

Does even the first vitamin C infusion lead to the death of cancer cells?

Here we cannot give a reliable statement. However, the probability is rather low. For this reason, we recommend continuing the special diet and repeating the vitamin C infusions once a week. The vitamin C content in the blood should be 200 mg/dl. From our observations, as soon as one is no longer grumpy and intolerable after the infusions, the probability is very large that one is on the way to defeat the cancer. To be sure, though, one should continue this therapy for at least six months. And, of course, the results should be observed and confirmed using orthodox medical diagnosis during and after therapy. Additionally, it has proved to be favourable to continue with the use of medicinal mushrooms.

Can we do anything to protect ourselves from a recurrence of cancer?

Here it is very important to invoke: Change your life! Because: The way you lived your life until now lead to cancer. If you want to protect yourself against cancer in the long term, then you must abandon your current pathogenic lifestyle. If you do not change anything and simply continue on the sickening path, your risk of developing cancer again will not decrease. Almost every cancer is preceded by a mental conflict situation. Please therefore also consider how important it is for the healing process from cancer to eliminate this conflict situation and regain a balance of soul, mind and body. You can do a lot in this regard yourself, but often it is also useful to enlist the support of a therapist.

Even though I am repeating myself: Here again is my advice for the very important healing process of mind and spirit:

    1. Accept yourself as you are. You do not have to be as other people would like you to be. Love yourself! Unshackle yourself from the role of victim and learn to say “No”.
    2. Learn to forgive others, regardless of what they have done to you. And if you can pray, then pray for these people. You will see that it will benefit you.
    3. Before falling asleep, reminisce over the beautiful things of the day. And before you get up in the morning, remember the beautiful moments you were able to experience in your life.
    4. Please write down at least five reasons or wishes why you want to survive the cancer. And very important: Follow up these reasons and do something to fulfil your wishes.

Short conclusion

As with any other disease, every cancer disease also has a cause. It is only when one recognizes and understands the cause, that one can treat the cancer correctly.

Medicinal mushrooms have a regulatory effect on our body and, since the various medicinal mushrooms have different organ correlations, we can implement them positively for all healing processes. Because of their perfect composition and their wealth of valuable ingredients, medicinal mushrooms stimulate our self-healing processes very decisively. Our body receives the substances with which it can set the healing mechanisms in motion – holistically, individually and free of side effects.

Particularly for cancer, it is especially important that naturopathic and conventional medical therapies go hand in hand. Only then can we ensure that those affected benefit optimally from both.

I am confident that even for cancer the prospects for complete recovery will continuously improve. And I hope and firmly believe that our already very successful cancer concept will make a contribution. My special wish is to achieve a trusting and intensive cooperation between conventional medicine and naturopathy for the benefit of the patients.

In the implementation of medicinal mushrooms, for good reason we recommend that exclusively mushroom powder generated from the whole mushroom be used. Because only here – in contrast to extracts or powder only from the mycelium – all the valuable ingredients are included. Only so can the perfect interaction of all components given to us by nature lead to full healing results. One should also pay attention to the origin: Organically certified cultivation in Germany ensures the best quality without exposure to pesticides.


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The effects described are based on the ingestion of medicinal mushroom powder which is prepared from the whole mushroom. Please seek advice from your therapist before using.

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