The Polyporus umbellatus

Lumpy bracket or umbrella polypore – water accumulation and lymphostasis can be prevented by this medicinal mushroom.

The Polyporus (lumpy bracket) is found in nature primarily on the trunks or roots of beech and oak trees, but also directly on the earth. Its primary homeland is Asia, while it is rarer in Europe. It can also be used as an edible mushroom and has numerous fruiting bodies two to six centimetres wide. The beautiful ochre caps are smooth to slightly curled. The thick white stalks have a stumpy shape. The Polyporus grows in clusters of up to 50 centimetres.

Main areas of use in mycotherapy:

The Polyporus mushroom is diuretic and therefore increases urinary flow but without an increased elimination of potassium. It therefore eases the burden on the heart and reduces the lower blood pressure value. The medicinal mushroom Polyporus has a strong association with the lymphatic system. Many toxins are transported out of the body tissue into the blood vessels through the lymph system to then be eliminated by the liver or kidneys. The lymph system also plays an important role in the immune system. Blockages in the lymph system therefore lead to an overburdening of the organism with waste products and consequently also an additional burden on the immune system.

In cases of cancer, the faultless functioning of the lymphatic system is therefore of special importance. Especially if lymph nodes already had to be removed due to the cancer, it can easily lead to blockages and lymph accumulations. It is important to eliminate these as part of a holistic therapy, for example with the mushroom Polyporus.

The lymph system must also be supported before, during and after chemotherapy to transport any toxins out of the body. Polyporus can therefore ease the side effects of chemotherapy.

The lymph support of the Polyporus is also very helpful against acne and joint swelling.

Tumour growth can be inhibited by the Polyporus, for example in case of lung and liver cancer. Its polysaccharides also have a modulating effect on the immune system.

Areas of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Characteristics: sweet, slightly cool – neutral

  • affects the spleen, kidneys, bladder
  • releases accumulated fluid
  • has a diuretic effect
  • antibiotic for oedema and painful urination
  • for diarrhoea
  • for Fluor albus
  • for bladder dysfunction
  • for nephritis
  • not in case of yin weakness or a lack of fluid


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Note: the described effects are based on taking medicinal mushroom powder made from the whole mushroom. Please consult your therapist before use.

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