Healthy weight loss with vital mushrooms

Vital mushrooms are particularly effective for overweight, obesity (adiposity) and diabetes.

In Germany alone 67 percent of men and 53 percent of women are overweight. A quarter of the adults even suffer from severe overweight (obesity). This is an alarming result, as overweight and especially obesity are a high risk to health.

Among other things, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, lipid metabolism disorders, gout, cancer, thromboses, and joint and back problems can result. The decision to lose excess pounds is therefore not only sensible from an aesthetic point of view.

Healthy nutrition and plenty of exercise

Crash diets initially make the pounds drop, but generally lead to the dreaded yo-yo effect. So after the diet, even more kilos are quickly put on the scales. For a sustainable weight reduction, it is therefore recommended to change over to a balanced, light and vital substance-rich diet with lots of vegetables, fruit and mushrooms.

It is particularly important to reduce the excess supply of short-chain carbohydrates – especially sugar and starch. Of course, healthy weight loss also requires a lot of exercise. Regular endurance sports such as running, walking, swimming or cycling are ideal.

Medicinal mushrooms counteract the yo-yo effect

Medicinal or vital mushrooms – taken as mushroom powder from the whole mushroom – can effectively support weight loss due to their specific ingredients. Thus they have very few calories and also provide us with a wealth of valuable nutrients and vital substances, which are ideal weight loss companions. These include, for example, plenty of B-group vitamins, minerals such as magnesium, potassium or calcium, proteins, essential amino acids, fibre and unsaturated fatty acids.

A further plus point: medicinal mushrooms contain enzymes that support the elimination of toxins released during fat reduction. This can counteract the dreaded yo-yo effect. They therefore help to achieve and maintain the individual feel-good weight.

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